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Our 10th   Anniversary​

Pony Espresso was born out of a long time vague dream of running my own restaurant (possibly combined with a bookshop, that's how vague) - but I wasn't too keen on unsociable hours and bad tempered chefs(!!) - combined with the difficulty in finding a decent job. When my boys were younger I worked in a variety of enjoyable, but fairly unambitious jobs, from bar work, waitressing, riding racehorses, to my own gardening business. Then I got a 'temporary' job in a coffee shop which lasted 2 years. During that time I applied for a number of jobs that came to nothing. 

A friend who worked in Walter's Ash told me of premises for rent and suggested I have a look, so I did, but it took many months before I took the plunge doing something I knew how to do though with no idea of its potential.....and now I'm glad I did! One year on and about 325 sleepless nights later, Pony Espresso has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to loyal regulars and new faces everyday, I've met some great people and hope to meet many more. I have a great team working for me which has taken a tremendous weight off my shoulders - before opening I had never baked a cake! 

The name has been a source of some amusement with queries as to whether I was a betting shop or a tack shop, strangely both of which I regularly frequent, horse racing being of great interest, and from being a horse owner. To clear up any confusion, it's a play on words of 'Pony Express' which was the mail service in America to 'Pony Espresso', 'espresso' being the concentrated ground coffee bean base of all coffees. To do with horses of course...

So, this is a new website. I hope to add more to 'The Story' as we go along.

Thanks to everyone for your support and here's to the future. Cheers! 

Blaine Wilsworth


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